Inheritance Disputes

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Inheritance Disputes

Dealing with the loss of a partner, friend or relative can be difficult. This can be made worse if the deceased’s estate becomes contentious, family disputes emerge, or those closest seem to have been treated unfairly. In some circumstances, it may be possible to dispute a Will.

Normally, the deceased’s estate should be distributed among the different beneficiaries according to the terms of the Will. You cannot generally dispute the Will simply because you feel that you should have received more, or that you had been promised a particular item, unless you have a clear legal right to it (such as a contract).

There are, however, grounds on which you can challenge a Will;

  • If the Will is invalid for some reason
  • If another beneficiary is not entitled to receive anything
  • If you were married to the deceased at the time of death or were financially dependent on them and the Will has not made adequate financial provision for you
  • If assets or debts have been wrongly dealt with
  • If the executors are acting improperly in the way they administer and distribute the estate

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